Netherlands Open Air Museum

Hoeferlaan 4, 6816 SG Arnhem, Netherlands

The Netherlands Open Air Museum, situated in Arnhem, Netherlands, has received an impressive average rating of 4.60 out of 5 stars based on 16,157 reviews. This high rating indicates that the museum is widely appreciated by visitors and has managed to provide a compelling and enriching experience.

Located at Hoeferlaan 4, 6816 SG Arnhem, the Netherlands Open Air Museum is conveniently accessible and offers a unique opportunity for visitors to step back in time and experience Dutch history and culture in an authentic outdoor setting.

The museum's commitment to preserving and showcasing Dutch heritage, combined with its interactive exhibits and immersive environments, likely contribute to the positive feedback it receives from visitors. The average rating of 4.60 stars suggests that visitors are generally satisfied with the museum's offerings and the educational and engaging experiences it provides.

If you're interested in exploring Dutch history, traditions, and culture, the Netherlands Open Air Museum's high average rating of 4.60 stars indicates that it's a worthwhile destination to consider. The positive reviews from visitors suggest that the museum effectively transports visitors to different eras and provides a rich and informative experience.

Where Netherlands Open Air Museum is located at?
Netherlands Open Air Museum is located at Hoeferlaan 4, 6816 SG Arnhem, Netherlands.
What is the contact number of Netherlands Open Air Museum?
The contact number of Netherlands Open Air Museum is +31 26 357 6111

5 Sheriff Pizzaro 10 months ago

It's huge. One day is not enough to experience it all.
Tip: Make use of the train after experiencing each section to save on energy. Pick a few interesting parts within each section if you want to see it all in one day
Tip 2: There are a lot of family oriented activities such as back to past dress-up photography. I enjoyed that.
Tip 3: It's not busy at entry but I always find it handy to buy tickets online.
Tip 4: Wear comfortable footwear. You will walk a lot. Adds to the fun though.

5 Karen Greyling 21 months ago

A nice way to get in touch with Dutch culture and look into the past. The museum is huge and you can spend the whole day there and still not have enough time see everything. It's a wonderful place for people of all ages and it is also pet friendly.

5 Bob Couch 10 months ago

An absolute marvel! Great visitors centre, café staff and gift shop and that's before you become completely involved in the surroundings, trams buildings and history that exudes from every angle and exhibit. We could easily taken a second day and still enjoyed every minute, the literature doesn't do this wonderful place any justice, definitely one not to miss if you're going to Holland ????????????❤️????????

5 Slava Mironov 13 months ago

A brief and detailed glimpse to the history of the Dutch people. This place has all the real 1:1 replicas of the houses, people lived in. Farmhouses, cheese factory, blacksmith and more. There are also live demos of actors which help to demonstrate the lifestyle that was back then.
The place also has a small train which circles the whole park, and stops on each interest point, the children loved it. We spent here half a day, some people spend here almost the entire day, depends on the ages of the children. There is also a children’s place where the can run and climb, in front of it you can find a small restaurant which offers soups, beer, wine and more

5 Shelah Kelso 10 months ago

A great visit and a fun, authentic experience. Beautiful and well-kept historic buildings, brought over and built back up piece-by-piece. And the herb gardens were lovely.

5 Petra Dielman 10 months ago

A must visit when in the Arnhem area! Fee free when you have a museum kaart.
Make sure to visit the Zaanse area and grab a snack at the little bakery. Before you exit, visit the gift shop, they have a great selection of (Dutch) stuff. Tip: head to the brewery for a free sample and pick up some beer to take home.

Check ArnhemLife for more info on Arnhem.

4 Donika Xhani 10 months ago

Overall we had a good experience while exploring the dutch culture. It seems more like a very small village where you could just walk into different old houses or factories and see how people used to live in the past. There is also a small tram that takes you around every 5 minutes. However, if you want to get into the tram, it's not allowed to have drinks on your hands.
There are also some windmills which you can also go inside to check them out.
I also liked a lot the fact that there were plenty of rest areas with coffee and snacks. Also the place with poffertjes is highly recommended.

5 Cagatay Murat Nesimioglu (Alumni) 14 months ago

One of the best places to see in the Netherlands, you can easily spend an entire day if you need to chill in a nature environment as well as feeling the vibe of a proper establishment from centuries ago. In the off-season prices are reduced as the train is not in service and almost all the buildings are closed, yet we enjoyed the experience. Definitely coming again in summer time!
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